Tuesday, May 22, 2007

what happened to me?

I'm in L.A.! I keep starting blog posts and not finishing them, so here's a quickie. I'm leaving for a fabulous vacation in Vegas tomorrow, but at least I can post some pictures before I go. These pictures are from my layover in San Francisco on the drive down. I visited my fantastic friend Amy, who is the photographer and featured in picture 2. We got mani-pedi's; I almost ran into a sportscar; it was a great time! My new car Penelope is featured in the first picture. She is a Subaru Impreza, my dream car! She loves driving in L.A., as do I. People know how to drive on the freeways here. I drive 90 mph and people are passing me like crazy. Brilliant.
Since I'm struggling to find the time to write a real post, here's the headlines- love my new job, love being here and having an amazing time, L.A.'s expensive, I'm so happy I moved here. I'll write again soon!