Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not a good time to be a lightning rod

Fresh rainwater, anyone?
I feel like I'm back in Seattle. It has been poring rain all day, and there was just a super loud clap of thunder. It set off car alarms. I thought the rats would freak out, but they seem fine. I guess I'm easier to startle then they are. See that blue bucket? It was empty yesterday, and it has been full of rainwater since noon. The actual sound of the rain is pleasant though. I find the sound of rain relaxing, which is good, because I'm dreading work tomorrow. I'm trying to concentrate on de-cluttering my apartment to keep my mind off it. I did some eBaying too. I'm slowly selling things off. It's a good, tangible way to get a feeling of accomplishment. I've included a donation to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) in all my sales as well. It's a good time for me to get more involved with RAINN. My weather station says it will be sunny tomorrow, so I better enjoy the rain while I can.

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~~A said...

Wounded Warriors
by Lee Ann Angelicstargirl Medina on Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 6:44am ·
Surely as I live and breathe I can see how words hurt. They hurt just as much as a slap, hit, punch, shot or knifing hurt any person. Words can sting, maim and they get embedded deeply and felt much longer than any physical trauma. We may remember the physical side of it to be sure; however, its the words the ring out the loudest and longest that keep us down. Keep us from our wholeness and even from ourselves.
People can say ignore the words or forget what they say, or even that it didn't mean anything just let it go. My favorite is that they didn't mean to say it, they were just mad is all. Yes, Yes they did mean it, because their own hurt and pain came out to defend themselves. We are wounded warriors on the deepest level possible. Those words have been there a long time and I am sure are at almost root level if not root level. There is a scab there and it must be pulled off. Some would say how come a scab shouldn't it be a scar? Well it would have been a scar had the hurt not occured again and again. You see every experience we have reminds us of a past event that is close to what is occuring now or is so similar that the wound re-opens and is dredged up to bleed. As long as we do not see the wound for what it is, then it will regrow a scab until another event comes along to re-open it.
That scab must come off, it must be allowed to breathe and heal and move on. That hurt will not go away until acknowledge and honor it for what occured. It comes back again and again until it can and will be healed. Will you now heal the hurt?
We are not what people may say we are. We are far different from what the world perceives us to be because the world is still steeped in its own pain to even stand up and take notice. Hurt finds hurt because that is the easiest path to take when feeling the need to lash out. When we release our pain in loving and healthy ways we allow others to do the same. Wholeness comes when we let go of what we think we know and embrace what we feel.
If you forget everything else remember this: When the world tells you-you are a piece of shit, fat, ugly, unloving...What they are really saying is that THEY are all those things. That this is how I feel about me and I need your love, even when the outside~face, body language and even words say otherwise. We are NOT what they perceive us to be, WE ARE more, far more than the human mind can ever comprehend.