Monday, April 03, 2023

It's a Yard Sale!

Hello! I'm going to post my hockey schedule, mostly because some of the peeps at my kickboxing gym expressed interest in coming to see me play. This is an explanatory post to go over some general information.

I normally wear # 57, although on my women's team (the Yetis), I wear # 20. I have a white helmet and black skates with green laces. I am currently playing on 3 teams:

White Yetis - This is my women's team. We only have one color jersey, so we always wear white. There are only 4 teams in the womens division - Red Hots, Bluefooted Bloobies, Black Sheesh, and us. We always play on Tuesdays, and are currently still in our regular season. In our playoffs, the team that is in first place in the rankings plays the fourth place team, and the teams in second and third place play each other. The winner of those games play in the final (the following Tuesday) and the losing teams play in a consolation game. Our games are also always at the same rink, so if you want to see both games you can!

Scrooge McPuck - This is a coed team, with almost equal numbers of men and women. There is no requirement to have a certain number of women on the coed teams, so there are some teams we play against that are all men, although most teams have a handful of women. We are currently in the beginning of the playoffs, which are double elimination. So that means you don't get eliminated until you lose 2 games. We were the third place team going into the playoffs, and we already lost a game with the second place team. We are in Division 8, and our home jerseys are cream colored, and our away jerseys are maroon.

All Blacks - Apparently we are named after the New Zealand rugby team, if you are wondering about the name! We have playing cards on our jerseys though. We wear white for home games and black for away games. I am one of two women on this team. This team has the same playoff structure as Scrooge McPuck, but we are not in the same division so we don't play each other. We have not played in a playoff game yet. We are also third going into the playoffs, and playing the second place team for our first game of the playoffs. We are in Division 7B. 

There are 24 divisions in the league, in case you are wondering. There is the Womens Division, two Over 40 divisions, and the rest are numbered and lettered divisions, where Division 1 is the highest skill level, and 10B is the most beginner. Our league, the Kraken Hockey League, puts on Learn to Skate clinics, and then many of the people in the clinics form new teams and start in Division 10 and 10B. As their teams improve, they can move up divisions. 

For the numbered leagues, there are two seasons - a long fall/winter/spring season and a shorter summer season. So we are now going into the playoffs for the long season. After the playoffs are done, there's usually a short break, 2 or 3 weeks, and then we start the next season. For the Womens and Over 40 divisions, the seasons are approximately equal lengths, so we have a Fall, Winter, and Summer season each year. 

If you want to see the schedule for the whole league, it is here: and the website for the league is here: 

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