Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011- LRG goes multi-media! Part 2


Mechi Badb said...

Well it's nice to finally hear your voice. You sound well adjusted and happy. I'm not sure what else to add except the whole Vegan thing will get easier as time goes by. Lots of You tube channels on Veganism and Raw Foods. As for clothing, I take the view of I keep what I already have (I don't actually wear the leather jacket I have, I just keep it as a reminder not to buy one) and as for cotton or wool, I actually have and wear a Wool US Navy peacoat. I've seen sheep sheared firsthand and it's actually good for them, otherwise they go around in the summer with this full coat of wool on and they quite hot. I suppose the solution would be to return them to the wild, but since they have been domesticated over the centuries, realistically this isn't viable for them as they would quickly cease to exist as a species. Since Cotton comes from plants, no worries there. You might look into plastic clothing or flax clothing as an alternative. So anywhoo..nice to finally hear your voice and yay for turning 39. Age is simply a number. Even at 41, I still feel (and act lol 18 years old). So you're doing fine. Glad you finally updated as I had been checking the past few months (and you never comment on my facebook page,....booo hooo) :P

Tealrat said...

Thanks for watching them! And the vegan tips. It's definitely a learning experience being vegan. I think I will take the approach that I will keep the leather, silk, and wool that I have but try not to buy more. Also, I agree, I don't think wool is so cruel. It's probably okay. I wonder about silk? Are the silk worms treated humanely?

I was totally out of it for a bit with work and filing the 10-K and all that, but now I have more time and I'm less stressed, so I should be around more!

~~A said...

That was fun! As if I was on SKYPE with you...though one side. I do admire your dedication to the vegan lifestyle. Wish John would take a page from you and adopt a healthy eating diet. Happy you adopted two new rats. That's an interesting story that they came from the firehouse. Do want to know what you are reading. Have you gone to Claudette's website for tips on writing?