Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Guys, I wanna be Xtina

Today I want to talk about Xtina, she's my idol, well except the greatest guy in the world. JW!

Pithy sentiments from my boyfriend, although Xtina Aguilera is not my idol. Maybe she's my alter ego or something. We just finished watching the Stanley Cup Final. The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Philadelphia Flyers in 6 games. I had a hard time picking a team to root for since I have issues with both teams, but, as it has been during the whole playoffs, as soon as I decided to go for a team (the Flyers today) they got beat. I picked the Flyers finally because the Chicago press put Chris Pronger in a dress. Course, I don't like Pronger at all, but hey, when are we going to get to the point where we don't compare men to women as an insult? F-u Chicago Tribune.

Speaking of offensive, the main reason I couldn't root for the Blackhawks is their embarrassing logo. Come on. That, and the fact that they eliminated my beloved Canucks in the second round two years in a row. However, my friend Carrie loves the Blackhawks because she lived in Chicago, and I her. And the Flyers are owed by Comcast. (Boo.) And stupid Pronger. I have West Coast bias too. But the Flyers have orange socks and Arron Asham. They also have better playoff beards. Patrick Kane looks like a trailer park reject, and as a small town girl, that scares me. But then there's Adam Burish, one of my favorite agitators. It was impossible to decide. Now it's over.

Work has been very stressful because I'm experiencing that whole, I want to be a nice, supportive boss but right now I have to be a hard-ass. Or at least more of a hard-ass than I want to be. I just figure everyone should act mature and trustworthy and straightforward, but of course that is not always the case. I can't really get into a lot of details about it because this is a public blog. Right now I am just feeling really upset because I feel like my niceness has been taken advantage of. So now I'm like, FINE, you want a micromanaging bitch, you GOT IT. I worked in public accounting. I've had my ass micromanaged all over this fine country. I had a senior who made me drive him around Wichita, KS while he read the Wall Street Journal and complained that I didn't drive up to the door of the hotel to pick him up. I did an inventory count in freezers full of seafood for a company that was later featured on Dirty Jobs. I've had managers call me at 2 am to rant about my workpapers. I've gotten 50 review notes, cleared them all in 3 hours, and then got 50 more from the same manager, some asking me why the hell I made changes that she asked for in the first 50. I've been threatened by CFO's, VPs of Finance, and Audit Partners. I've been asked to give status updates every hour. I've had to account for every minute of my work day. I've worked past midnight, gone back to the hotel, and got up at 6 am to do it again. I've had my own co-workers turn on me in meetings with the client. I've been called arrogant and had someone mock the way I walk. Actually, more than one person. Speaking of which, I've waited tables, and few jobs include the kind of verbal abuse you experience as a waitress. So yeah, I know a little about difficult work conditions and if anyone thinks I'm being too tough with them now or in the near future they don't even know.

I'm having a hard time imagining myself as a demanding boss, but I am a perfectionist. I try not to take it out on other people, or even myself, but sometimes you do need to have expectation for people. Especially people who work for you. The last thing I want to be is a pushover. So no more nice. At work, anyway.


A Lonely Runner said...

The Blackhawks have one of the greatest uniforms in the league!

~~A said...

Avril Lavigne's lyrics come to mind when I read your blog..."Hot", When You're Gone", "Alice". ~~A