Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the game

My brother's best friend Andrew sent me this description of a dream he had about Jeff. I love how it captures Jeff's irreverent personality and sense of humor.

"I had a really vivid dream about Jeff last night. I was walking downtown, and I saw Jeff, a friend of mine, and people I don't know playing a board game inside a restaurant. I walked in and my friend was gone, and I asked Jeff how he knew him and Jeff said that my friend knew a lot of people. Jeff talked about my friend for a little while. I asked Jeff why he was in Eugene, and he said he was just visiting friends for the night. I was angry that Jeff was hanging out with people I didn't know without contacting me. I asked him why the hell he didn't get in touch with me, and he poked me, smiling.

When I asked what he had been up to lately, he said he spent almost all of his time playing a game that was "kind of like world of warcraft." I asked him lots of questions about it, and pretty soon, without realizing it, I was inside the game with him. It was a really surreal, green, and hazily sunny world, with lots of strange animals with shimmering neon coats with fluid, moving coloring. Colors trailed out behind the animals and they left shimmering neon footprints and droplets behind them. There was a pack of three neon green wolf cubs playing on hilly golf-course grass. There were grey emus and feisty purple ostriches, baby tigers with odd-colored stripes. Jeff was talking about the mechanics of the game, but I was mesmerized by all of the animals.

After exploring around a bit, we came up to a group of people that Jeff knew and he said he had to go on a mission with them. I told him that I really wanted to come and see more of the world, and Jeff said I couldn't. I was pissed and hurt. I said I had a computer and I'd start an account. Jeff laughed. "This isn't publicly available. And who says it has anything to do with a computer?" I remembered with a shock that Jeff had died, and I very suspiciously asked if he was the same Jeff, and he said "But of course!" I was completely speechless, wondering where the hell I was, when it suddenly occurred to me that I was dreaming. Jeff smiled at me and said: "I guess you'll be waking up now."... and I did. It was early morning and dogs were barking outside."


Sah said...

Hello...Sah from the House boards...reading stuff after seeing your rats, pic, you know that this wasn't just a dream, don't you? Sometimes the dead come to us in dreams, bui they aren't really dreams, we are instead interacting with them. it is really rare to remember them, ec. i would think that ultimately Jeff and co. let you remember so you would know he is fine and has a job over there and fun things to do. ;) Anyhow, judging from your other posts, we have alot in common.

Tealrat said...

Thanks. :) We should chat sometime.