Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy 29th Birthday, Jeff

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of
infinite jest, of most
excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a
thousand times.

~Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act V, scene I, lines 160-162

October 29, 1996:
Hello all:

I just got back from the Al Gore rally and I wanted to tell you all about it. But since I am such a lazy ass, I am just sending this to all of you at once. Hey Cort, how are you. Go run. Anyway, time for politics.

I got to Mac Court and waited outside for about one and a half hours. And it was cold! I was one of the first twenty in however, so it was worth it. When I got in, I found that they were playing loud techno/dance music. This only lasted for about thirty minutes. Then the live band started to play. As the mosh pit (yes, there was a mosh pit) filled up, people all over the place started to dance. The Oregon duck mascot was there and he inspired much movement among the masses. The best part was watching the secret service people dance. Those guys that have not blinked in 15 years and still have the cardboard in their shirts would all of a sudden bust a move, and then look around making sure no one saw.

After two hours of live music, the techno was back on and Clinton/Gore signs appeared from nowhere. As the signs spread throughout the crowd, people started throwing little flags around. Then the duck mascot started to dance on the stage. Did I mention the 6 ft. cat walking around in a suit and tie? Then Defazzio, the local congressman, started talking and did some serious Newt bashing. It was very entertaining. Then the governor spoke for a few minutes, and then the student head of the democratic student body spoke for a few minutes and then she introduced Gore.
All I have to say is that Gore should quit politics and go into stand up comedy. He made stiff jokes about himself for about 15 minutes. "If you look at Al Gore in a strobe light, it looks like he is moving. You can always tell Al Gore from the secret service because Gore is the stiff one." He said when ever he hears a new Gore joke, he always responds, "Thanks Tipper." Then Gore got down to business by talking about his reputation. As a dancer that is. Then he started to talk politics.
He spent much of his time talking about economics. He spend a lot of time on how women owned businesses are increasing, and producing more than the total gross national product of Canada, Great Britain, and Australia combined. Then he talked about the Clinton/Gore promise to increase financial aid and lower tuition. In the meantime he did some serious Dole/Newt bashing. He made mention of the Contract with America several times and cited Clinton's leadership, etc. It was really good.

A few people got arrested by the secret service because they were yelling and holding up some banner. I could not see what it said, but they started when Gore was talking about protecting the environment. The people really liked Gore, and many had Gore 2000 signs. Anyway, it was really fun. Talk to you all soon.


I love you Jeff. Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

He'd probably make a good prof, too. His lecture/movie made good points, but I couln't take notes in the dark.

Anonymous said...

While I did not know your brother, I wish him also a Happy Birthday.

I am sure I would be proud to call either you, Kristina, or Jeff my friend.


Tealrat said...

yeah, my brother loved Gore. at least he didn't have to live through the whole Florida Bush thing. that would have totally pissed him off.

thanks Leslie! that's sweet of you to say :)

did the 2 of you have fun on New Years?