Friday, February 29, 2008


I've had some inquiries about my precious rat boys, so here's some pictures of my special little guys. (Can you tell I got a new camera?)

This is Ulysses. He is the hyper, lovey one. He is always trying to get my attention, especially if I have popcorn.

Here is Jay-Z. He is his own rat, very independent. He is the mellow one. His favorite thing is sleep, and peanuts.

They are both about a year and a half old. Ulysses is 3 days older than Jay-Z, and Jay-Z is the runt (although he doesn't act like it) so Uly is bigger. They are smart little guys- they figured out that if they knock their water bottle off the cage I will come over to put it back, and talk to them, so they have me trained. Actually, Jay-Z only knocks off his water bottle when he's out of water, and it works. I always get him more water and apologize profusely. I talk to Uly in the morning every day as I'm leaving, and in the evening when I come home. Jay-Z is usually asleep. He wakes up when I come over with nuts, carrots, or popcorn. They are spoiled. They get treats every night. They are totally worth it! I am crazy about them. I even mail order their special rat food, Regal Rat. It is the best. It looks like dry cat food, but its much better than the food they sell at the pet store because they only eat it when they're hungry (instead of frantically eating everything I give them immediately). I don't know why. They lost weight when I started giving them the Regal Rat. Pet rats, especially males, have a tendency towards obesity. Too bad they don't run on their wheel anymore. Maybe I should give them more baths- I tried to wash them in the bathroom sink a while ago, and they could not get away from me fast enough! Even Jay-Z was running all over the bathroom floor while I tried to dry him off with a little towel. They forgave me, after I gave them treats. Treats smooth over any people-rat friction. Too bad that doesn't work for everything. I love my rats! They seem to like me okay, too. Ulysses hangs on my every word, and Jay-Z puts up with me, which I appreciate. They are the best little rat guys a girl could have.


Unknown said...

So cute! They look so much bigger since the last time I saw them! Does Jay-Z still have impeccably white teeth?

I took Roman to the vet today, and they had baby rats that will be up for adoption next week....dumbo baby rats (like Cecil was). I might get one or two boys, I haven't decided yet. I'm kind of poor and I know I'm going to end up spoiling the hell out of them!

Pepper said...

The ratties look just like their sisters! They are so cute ("kawai" as Ham fans say.) They look like they are doing well; I sure hope you are. When I get new pictures of the girls; I will "rat blog" them.

This is my second try on this message. I hope you are doing ok down there; it looks like you are enjoying the sunshine!

Lexi said...


Missed you on the hike again. There were only two of us today (+ you). I don't think I'm going the next two hikes (Sunday I'm doing the MS walk) and the following Sunday I am likely to be in San Diego for a clothing xchange on Sat w/ night spending . . . but send me an e-mail and I"ll send you my phone number so the next time you go hiking we can coordinate the meet up better.

I hope you had a lovely day!