Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pai Chan


Ha ha, of course I have to talk about role-playing since I am at Comic Con
dressed up as Elektra. This one is easy- when you are powerless or
dissatisfied with your life, you can always pretend to be someone who has
what you want. If you can act confident and strong while playing a
character, why can't you do the same thing in your real life? This isn't
necessarily unhealthy (I say while in costume). Plus, it's fun. Playing with
identity gives you a sense of the possibilities. I feel kind of silly about
this, but I started taking jujitsu lessons because I liked playing the video
game "VirtuaFighter" and I wanted to learn to fight like Pai Chan, my
favorite character. It was after my brother died, and I was in a
relationship with someone who was very controlling and manipulative. I felt
absolutely broken and overwhelmed with grief. It was one of the darkest,
most hopeless-feeling times of my life, and jujitsu made me feel strong and
whole. I pretended to be a fighter until I felt like one again.

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opal said...

You are so brave and it inspires me to attempt some acts of bravery myself instead of hiding in fear.