Sunday, July 26, 2009

You know you want it

Courtesy my friend Andrew, neuroscience geek extraordinaire. This picture woke me up. Must...admire...Purkinje cells!-

"Check these out nerds!!!!!
Notable in the photo:
The orange one is the first edition Physiology of Behavior 1977 near mint
The green one is first edition 1967 Foundations of Physiological Psych: ask any older neuroscientist 50 years plus, this was there first text." -Andrew


Anonymous said...

Three more post. Just three more posts and you'll have made it through. We're almost to the end. And, you have done a *fabulous* job! Hang in there. Almost done! :-D

Tealrat said...

Yay! I can do it! (I think ;)

Anonymous said...

Great Job, Kristina! You made it! I hope you get some much needed rest today. Thank you again for all you've done for RAINN.