Sunday, December 13, 2009


I am so drained. I could have slept all day, but I did laundry. I washed everything- my bedding and blankets, bathroom mats, all the clothes I got sick on (a lot). Everything is clean now. I can't wait to get into my clean bed. Besides tired, I'm stuffy and cold. I can feel the pressure in my sinuses, which worries me that I still have a sinus infection despite the antibiotics. I am inspired to get my apartment organized, though, with what little energy I have. Only 18 days left in 2009. I could make a serious dent on this chaos in 18 days.

I have a new Tiny Dungeons & Dragons character. She's a Goliath Barbarian named Penny Romana. Apparently Goliaths "view life as a grand competition and call on primal power to enhance their considerable physical strength and endurance" and Barbarians have "incredible and devastating powers." This is definitely a wish-fulfillment character, as I wish I was feeling that kind of strength and power right now. I'll just capitalize on what little I have, and pretend for the rest.

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