Saturday, December 12, 2009

Swedish Meatballs

Today it rained a lot. Seriously. It felt like I was back in Seattle. I got my car serviced. I had an appointment, so I called them this morning and said I needed a ride home after I dropped my car off, and for them to come pick me up when it was done. They said, "Sure!" I only live 2 miles away from the Subaru dealer anyway. There's a guy at the dealer who's totally into me, so of course he was the one who drove me. He says he likes my smile. He asks me if I have a boyfriend, and I say no. Then he asks me why I don't have a boyfriend. I say, "Uh, I haven't met the right person?" I don't know how to answer that question.

My cousin came over to see me, and we got sushi. It was my first solid food in 2 days! I did pretty good. I ate 3 pieces of sushi, edamame, clams, and some salad and miso soup. He took apart my ceiling fan and determined that we could not fix the light, so I'll have to call the apartment manager. Then we put together some Ikea furniture that I bought, oh, like 6 months ago. Now I have a dresser for my hockey socks and jeans. Yay! I am inspired to share this. Yummy Swedish meatballs.


Opal said...

I hate those awkward, unanswerable questions. Today someone asked me if I would be spending Christmas with family.

Outloud I said "Yes", inside I said "What family? Oh, you mean the sick, toxic, dysfunctional freakshow of people I'm unfortuneatly related to - no way."

Tealrat said...

The holidays are such a nightmare because of all the family expectations. and it can be kind of a nightmare that you're just expected to be part of a couple, and if not, there's something wrong. Is it so wrong to just be single? Jeez. Lots of us are single and have awful families! There's nothing wrong with that! (At least, nothing wrong with us.)