Thursday, December 24, 2009


Here's my dairy and gluten-free pumpkin pie! I did have to cook it for longer than the recipe again, but I think it will be good. I'm taking the pie to Canada's house tonight, so I have to be patient until I get to try it. I also made dairy-free whipped "cream" with soy milk. It's kind of good to me, but I doubt anyone who could eat dairy would choose it over the real thing. But I'm glad to have it. I think it will be good with the pie. I'm making a waldorf salad too. Cooking is fun. I'm a former 4-H kid. It's hard to find the time, but when I do I can cook and sew like a regular farm wife. I'm so small town.

I'm off to see Canada in L.A. Maybe I can get her to break out the accent!


Unknown said...

Though I probably wouldn't choose it over the real thing, I would probably enjoy it very much. I'm one of the few dairy/gluten-eaters who quite enjoys baked goods such as this pie. I once bought a gluten-free cookie at a coffee shop and the barista warned me "You know there's no wheat in that." Um, yeah :)

Opal said...

It looks SO good - I can smell it from here!

Opal said...

Looks SO good!!