Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas Report

I think this may be my best Christmas season ever, which is pretty surprising considering all the turmoil I was feeling earlier in the month, turmoil that led me to commit to blogging every day of December. Today we saw "Avatar" and then watched the Kings and then the Canucks play, and ate Thai food. (The picture is me giving the thumbs up to the Kings and Canucks decorated cookies from yesterday.) I very much enjoyed the company, the food, and the hockey games, although the Kings lost to the Coyotes. The Canucks beat the Oilers though. The Kings looked a little flat, but the Canucks were speedy and exciting. It was a home game, and the crowd was cheering so loud it sounded like a playoff game rather than just a regular season game. Maybe the rivalry between the Vancouver and Edmonton was a factor. I saw a map of the NHL on a Calgary Flames blog that identified Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton, and then the rest of North America was labeled "the rest of the NHL". I laughed because that does seem to sum up the attitude of a lot of fans in those parts. The Canucks will be on the road for two months, I believe, while the Olympics are in Vancouver, so the fans are probably savoring the home games. "Avatar" was stunning. We saw it in 3-D, which was cool with all the spores and seeds and lights floating around in this new world. It's worth seeing in the theater just for visuals. I thought the storyline was very "Titanic". Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I liked "Titanic". Both movies have their cheesy moments, and extended action sequences in the middle of what is basically a love story, with a hero quest thrown in. I am a big fan of the whole sinking of Titanic in that movie, but I also really liked the love story. I know. I'm kind of a closet romantic. Or maybe I don't hide it as well as I think I do.

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