Sunday, December 06, 2009

Streetlights, people

Tonight, as I was driving home from my game in Panorama City, I realized something magical- there's a Del Taco on the way to the freeway. AND, it has a drive-through, AND, it's 24 hour, AND, it's next to a Starbucks with a drive-through. So without even getting out of my car, I got tacos, french fries, and a soy latte. You may wonder if these things all go together. YES. The magic of Del Taco is that you can get tacos and fries together. Even better, these are the cheap crispy tacos and crinkle fries. But does a soy latte really go with tacos and fries? Surprisingly, the three of them together are the perfect combination. I swear. This could get dangerous, because one of my women's hockey leagues plays most Sunday nights at Pano, and I experience severe longings for both Del Taco and Starbucks. I moved here from Seattle, so of course I'm a coffee freak. Since moving to L.A., I've also developed a serious taco habit. Until El Super Taco around the corner from my apartment burned down (along with Japanese Fast Food!) I was getting tacos once or twice a week. It's times like these that I think fondly of one of my favorite Sex in the City moments- a guy is bitching about Carrie smoking on a hotel balcony, and she yells back, "I have an ADDICTION, sir!" I just can't quit tacos and lattes.

I've really taken to L.A.'s car culture as well. For one thing, I love my car. Penelope is the first new car I've ever owned, and I feel pretty happy driving around, usually alone, singing at the top of my lungs (and often hurting my throat in the process) to my iPod or geeking out on NPR. I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but I play hockey with a reporter for KPCC, the public radio station I listen to. I didn't realize it at first, but one day we were talking in the locker room and she said something about working on a story. I said, "Are you are reporter?" and she said, yeah, she worked for KPCC. I said, "No way! What's your last name?" and she told me, and I yelled "NO WAY!!!" because I hear her on the radio pretty much every day. In my mind, she is the biggest celebrity I know. Yes, I consider her to be a celebrity. She's on radio! She even brought me to their Christmas party last year, so I got to meet a bunch of other people I hear on the radio. I was so overwhelmed. That may have been more exciting to me than seeing Prince at the New Years Eve party, Angel (David Boreanaz) at the hockey rink, or Boone from Lost (Ian Somerhalder) at LAX. (Yes, seeing someone from Lost at the airport was a little creepy, too.) Going to a taping of Washington Week and seeing Gwen Ifill in person may have been a little more exciting, though. I love you Gwen!

So yeah, hockey, tacos, drive-through lattes, celebrities (even ones I care about)- life is pretty exciting here in L.A.


Mariya said...

That was a fun post to read, Shugs. Me want taco now. Me love you.

Tealrat said...

Awww, I miss you! You should come visit me so we can have tacos after I visit you. :) Me loves you too.