Saturday, December 19, 2009

my head's gonna crack like a bank tonight

Shut up, I saw X tonight! (Yes, all the original band members.) They played all my favorites- my song, "Nausea", and "The Unheard Music", "Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not", "The World's A Mess, It's In Your Kiss", "We're Desperate", "Some Other Time", "Soul Kitchen". I was kind of surprised by how different some of the songs sounded without Ray Manzarek rocking the keyboards. That gave their albums "Los Angeles" and "Wild Gift" such an odd, distinctive sound. Definitely not your average L.A. punk band, even without the keyboards. Damn, that was such a fun show. I can't believe I can even go see X play, more than 30 years after they were formed, and almost 30 years after all those songs that I love came out. How crazy is that?!? Back in the day, I was so disappointed that I would never get to see all these bands that I loved live, and now a lot of them have re-formed and are playing again. It's an amazing age we live in. I never thought punk would have this kind of staying power. I can't imagine what I would have thought if you told me 20 years ago that when I was in my thirties I'd be an MBA going to see punk bands from the 80's. I never would have believed it.

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AmPowerBlog said...

I saw 'em "back in the day," Kristina. That's great they're still playing, and fabulous to hear your enthusiasm and seeing them!